Public Enemies review

The film tells friends Tom and Mark in the context of real social experiences.  It’s monotonous and boring environment so that they have no choice to embark on a criminal way.  After servel frauds, they instigated by the host Nuoshi burglary. But things did not progress smoothly, Nuoshen leave his associates. Later, they wealth up by selling private liquor, but one day they had to kill the Nuoshi, and its causing a bloody internal struggle. During the struggle, Mark was shot to death, Tom was seriously injured and was taken to the hospital, and after that he was kidnapped and murdered opponents, and finally as tied as tied up, wrapped in his mother’s door.

After World of War I, the crime film in the United States flourished up during this period, the audience and artists generally are not optimistic about it. Many soldiers, property owners and housewives, factory employees want to return to previes peacetime economic situation. and it’s directly reflects the disillu-sionment of urban crime film in a dim colors, the film “Enemy of the People” is the concentrated expression of this phenomenon. James Kage Ni and Joan.


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