Citizen Kane scene

Like everyone said that, Citizen Kane in the film industry was as significant as the steam engine in the industrial revolution, It is a milestone in the films. To measure a film is “perfect” or not, not just look at how many flaunt difficult skill it have, but should see if it can reflect a particular period of cultural history. This is undoubtedly a classic 1940s film gives us a perfect explanation.
And like almost of the memories of the film, it is very easy to fall asleep at beginning, especially an old black and white film. As I struggled with drowsiness, the Kane’s last words “Rosebud” to drive away my sleep also began his legendary life.
The only son of a poor family, he life turning better after found a mine. He and his mother will be entrusted to the mining banker with a friend, and his life changed forever. Together with friends to take over a newspaper, he proposed “For the people, for the mankind,” but all this is just his slogan. His marriage from the sweet to fight, from arguments to the cold, until the rupture. He seemingly has it all, but lose many. He is a everything in accordance with the wishes of their people. His second wife left him, he was furious, smashing a number of things, until he got a crystal ball when he was epiphany. He has tremendous power and wealth, spiritual but very lonely, his pursuit of economic and political glory, but to destroy his feelings. He longed to love, give love, but the capital of his twisted soul, the love to become a possession, so he can not get true love.
What does it mean for Rosebud? People thought he was a lover’s name? Life experiences of something? Until the ski board was cast into the fire and the word “rosebud” the words appear slowly in the flame, then slowly being swallowed. The softest memerable things in his mind is the toy when childhood: ski.
This tycoon, has a wealth of extremely wealthy, has been the people’s support, also has been the envy of people love. But in the end, he discovered that he just wanted the innocence and happyniess in his childhood.

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