Analysis 1 _ Scene Analysis of “The Lady Eve”

  • (00:03:34)
    LS, first appearance of the cruise ship, camera perfectly catches that the cruise ship floating on the skyline, perfectly uses the mountain and the sky as the background, and the water as the foreground; the light comes from the east at approximately 30 degree angle, which creates a contrast of light and shadow of the water, and leaves the seeable side of the cruise ship in shadow to the audiences. The whole scene brings out a perfect balance of the nature and the ship.
  • (00:06:44-00:07:55)
    Extreme close-up shot, using the reflection of the mirror to accomplish. The area behind the mirror is complete blur, but can still see light and shadow moving, the mirror hold by a hand, camera face mirror shoot the reflection of the mirror, the mirror is actually attached with the camera, so when the camera moves horizontally to follow the actress the mirror change with it to reduce to unexpected shaking for the scene.
  • (00:19:03-00:19:14)
    LS, camera sets at the middle of the hallway, shoots the lady running towards the camera for a distance of 20ft. when the lady turning towards to the stair the camera changes angle to the right and downward to shoot the lady running down to the lower level. And the next scene camera set at on the left side of the camera, capture the lady running down from the left side of the stair, when the lady runs to her room, the camera changes the angle to the left and shooting down to capture the whole running scene. Two shootings are set at a steady point, the camera didn’t moving in places but the shooting angles are changed from time to time.
  • (00:48:14-00:49:54)
    Close-up shot, the lady looks toward the man, with light shooting on her to make her very bright, and the man looking towards the ground without any light on him, makes him complete in shadow to show his mood for the moment. The background of this scene is 80% blur. The camera is complete still for this scene.
  • (0058:44-00:58:58)
    LS to MS, the camera sets at high angle shooting at the front path of the house and the car; along the camera moves down and flatten its shooting angle towards to the second coming car. This scene draws audience’s attention towards this car and the service man to pre-notice the audience that a conversation will be delivered by the people in the car and the service man.

    Fade out to end up the scene of the man knocking the table, and fade in to start the new scene for the coming guests. This action divide the scenes very smooth.

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