À bout de souffle or Breathless

À bout de souffle or Breathless
In “Breathless”, as naturalistic lighting shoot on location dominates most scenes from the film, they draws “Breathless” quite away from traditional film-noir.  not like the low key lighting was commonly used in classical Hollywood film-noir, but Rather than that, some famous French New Wave iconic film techniques like “jump cuts” and “breaking 180 degree rule” were introduced in this film.

without the filming techniques, this the film has a controversy for many people.  I read some reviews on this film, some people said the girl betrayed the man very shamefully. But I’d like to turn over it. the story was focused on the relationship between Michel and Patricia, so I think Particia is not sure if she loved Michel or not, and the dialog in the end can proved it.  She informant to the police to prove the love.  But in fact she actually loves him, so at the end of the story she persuaded him to escape, but he chose to give to give to prove his love for her.  And the phrase that “you are a parasite.”  I think that is not meant to be derogatory, it is more like a flirting, of course, there might have a deep meaning, but It’s certainly not despise this girl.

In addition, the facial expressions when Michel dead are intimate the game.  That’s why I feel he is in love with the girl to death, he did not hate the girl betrayed him, because if he wants to escape it, in fact, there are plenty of opportunities, but he chose to give up on their own initiative, to give reasons but also because he have repeatedly said that he has “Breathless”, and this also points out the film title.  Perhaps my view are not entirely accurate, but Breathless is an successful movie, because only a good one will have so many repercussions.

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