Everyone needs love, the Psych review

After I watched the film  Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock.   The film gave me the biggest impression is the psychological analysis at the ending, I really admire the master of suspense Hitchcock arrangements. and it is a Hitchcock horror thriller masterpiece, in 1960 when the film can be described as Hollywood’s most violent pornographic movies.  For this film, I’l like to say I enjoy the psychology part and i want to know more about the psychology of the content.  However, About the horror things in the film, I do not feel very much, because of “The Grudge,” “The Ring”, “pen cents” and other horror films in present period, has far exceeded it.


The film’s story is relatively simple, but the truth came out until the last of psychological analysis. I remember previously seen a drama, martial arts, which have a woman like Beth, have a dual personality. During the day a person’s character control her body, when the night is another person’s character. At the time, I think this is simply to take the audience a joke in the world which have such a thing, bizarre, is purely fictional.  But until I saw this movie, I know, in this great world anything is possible, people do not know a lot of things. Dual characters are really exist , while this person is, while they become another person. Its appreciate the psychology of the great and mysterious to me.


The psychologists in the film said that, when her father dead, Beth and her mother can lived comforable by heritage, although his mother has some arbitrary, but they still rely on each other to live with.  Later, his mother met a man, Beth felt abandoned by her mother, and can not irritate it. so she killed both of them. at same time, Beth can not afford to feel her sense of guilty, so she smuggled her mother’s body out of the coffin and kept in the basement. She thought that means her mother is still “allive”. But, its still only a body, so Beth often substitute her own mother, Sometimes, she would become two people, and engage in dialogue, and also to imitate the mother’s voice. Sometimes, Beth will totally turned into the mother.

The thing make me fear is our mentality is so fragile.  Everyone needs love, respect and acceptance from other people, once the demands are not met, it will distort the mental, and the human nature will go in the opposite.   Many psychologists believe that being loved is a basic human needs, and capacity to love is one of a normal criterion.

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