Analysis 2 Screening: Borom Sarret (Ousmane Sembene, Senegal, 1963)

The sense I selected is from a black and white short feature film named Ousmane Sembene directed by Senegal. It is only 20 minutes long, shows a day of the suburb of borom sarret of the Senegal’s capital. Even though, the story is simple, but it leave an unforgetalbe impression. Even after month, I can still remmber the simple black and white movie screen that shows the sad mood of the story.

As in the screenshot, Borom Sarret is praying for others food. Borom Sarret is a poor guy but a good farmer, everyday he get out with his horse cab try to get a day of food. Meanwhile, his thin body and his horse’s thin body are interesting. It melt together with the envirorment of the villege. Direct show the human character of the man he take on the cab, the poor has a golden heart, and the man with suit a all liers.

This movie doesn’t have any conversation, only borom sareet’s owe narrative. The film use what Borom sarret saw, observe the society, uses Borom sarret’s speaking to show the directors’ resentful to the society. The movie show great comparation of the human character. Poor village are seen in everywhere in Africa, creepy mud house, muddy road, lack of clothing and food. But the capital is another world in the same country. Tall buildings, fancy cars, everything is in order. But the fancy place isn’t for Borom sarret. It is a totally different city than his own world. In this fancy world he can only meet liars. Cant own his money but been fine by the policeman.

Direct use the comparation of the two world, show his attitude. He think it is not a fair society. Man to men are leveled different, then it is where the moral difference started. Meanwhile, poor farmer shows the tradition of Africa and the city show the result of conlonism.

So I did some research, something about when Sembene come back from Russia’s first movie. At the time Sembene was full of respecting the Chinese and the Cuban. The theory of socialism was a strand in Africa. At the time people think the reason of been poor in Africa is because that colonist. Socialism was tried in many countries in Africa, but the country are still poor. Sembene become the model of films and become mature. The latter, the content contains political become less and less in Sembene’s movie.

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