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Everyone needs love, the Psych review

After I watched the film  Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock.   The film gave me the biggest impression is the psychological analysis at the ending, I really admire the master of suspense Hitchcock arrangements. and it is a Hitchcock horror thriller masterpiece, in 1960 when the film can be described as Hollywood’s most violent pornographic movies.  For this film, I’l like to say I enjoy the psychology part and i want to know more about the psychology of the content.  However, About the horror things in the film, I do not feel very much, because of “The Grudge,” “The Ring”, “pen cents” and other horror films in present period, has far exceeded it.


The film’s story is relatively simple, but the truth came out until the last of psychological analysis. I remember previously seen a drama, martial arts, which have a woman like Beth, have a dual personality. During the day a person’s character control her body, when the night is another person’s character. At the time, I think this is simply to take the audience a joke in the world which have such a thing, bizarre, is purely fictional.  But until I saw this movie, I know, in this great world anything is possible, people do not know a lot of things. Dual characters are really exist , while this person is, while they become another person. Its appreciate the psychology of the great and mysterious to me.


The psychologists in the film said that, when her father dead, Beth and her mother can lived comforable by heritage, although his mother has some arbitrary, but they still rely on each other to live with.  Later, his mother met a man, Beth felt abandoned by her mother, and can not irritate it. so she killed both of them. at same time, Beth can not afford to feel her sense of guilty, so she smuggled her mother’s body out of the coffin and kept in the basement. She thought that means her mother is still “allive”. But, its still only a body, so Beth often substitute her own mother, Sometimes, she would become two people, and engage in dialogue, and also to imitate the mother’s voice. Sometimes, Beth will totally turned into the mother.

The thing make me fear is our mentality is so fragile.  Everyone needs love, respect and acceptance from other people, once the demands are not met, it will distort the mental, and the human nature will go in the opposite.   Many psychologists believe that being loved is a basic human needs, and capacity to love is one of a normal criterion.

Analysis 1 _ Scene Analysis of “The Lady Eve”

  • (00:03:34)
    LS, first appearance of the cruise ship, camera perfectly catches that the cruise ship floating on the skyline, perfectly uses the mountain and the sky as the background, and the water as the foreground; the light comes from the east at approximately 30 degree angle, which creates a contrast of light and shadow of the water, and leaves the seeable side of the cruise ship in shadow to the audiences. The whole scene brings out a perfect balance of the nature and the ship.
  • (00:06:44-00:07:55)
    Extreme close-up shot, using the reflection of the mirror to accomplish. The area behind the mirror is complete blur, but can still see light and shadow moving, the mirror hold by a hand, camera face mirror shoot the reflection of the mirror, the mirror is actually attached with the camera, so when the camera moves horizontally to follow the actress the mirror change with it to reduce to unexpected shaking for the scene.
  • (00:19:03-00:19:14)
    LS, camera sets at the middle of the hallway, shoots the lady running towards the camera for a distance of 20ft. when the lady turning towards to the stair the camera changes angle to the right and downward to shoot the lady running down to the lower level. And the next scene camera set at on the left side of the camera, capture the lady running down from the left side of the stair, when the lady runs to her room, the camera changes the angle to the left and shooting down to capture the whole running scene. Two shootings are set at a steady point, the camera didn’t moving in places but the shooting angles are changed from time to time.
  • (00:48:14-00:49:54)
    Close-up shot, the lady looks toward the man, with light shooting on her to make her very bright, and the man looking towards the ground without any light on him, makes him complete in shadow to show his mood for the moment. The background of this scene is 80% blur. The camera is complete still for this scene.
  • (0058:44-00:58:58)
    LS to MS, the camera sets at high angle shooting at the front path of the house and the car; along the camera moves down and flatten its shooting angle towards to the second coming car. This scene draws audience’s attention towards this car and the service man to pre-notice the audience that a conversation will be delivered by the people in the car and the service man.

    Fade out to end up the scene of the man knocking the table, and fade in to start the new scene for the coming guests. This action divide the scenes very smooth.

Citizen Kane scene

Like everyone said that, Citizen Kane in the film industry was as significant as the steam engine in the industrial revolution, It is a milestone in the films. To measure a film is “perfect” or not, not just look at how many flaunt difficult skill it have, but should see if it can reflect a particular period of cultural history. This is undoubtedly a classic 1940s film gives us a perfect explanation.
And like almost of the memories of the film, it is very easy to fall asleep at beginning, especially an old black and white film. As I struggled with drowsiness, the Kane’s last words “Rosebud” to drive away my sleep also began his legendary life.
The only son of a poor family, he life turning better after found a mine. He and his mother will be entrusted to the mining banker with a friend, and his life changed forever. Together with friends to take over a newspaper, he proposed “For the people, for the mankind,” but all this is just his slogan. His marriage from the sweet to fight, from arguments to the cold, until the rupture. He seemingly has it all, but lose many. He is a everything in accordance with the wishes of their people. His second wife left him, he was furious, smashing a number of things, until he got a crystal ball when he was epiphany. He has tremendous power and wealth, spiritual but very lonely, his pursuit of economic and political glory, but to destroy his feelings. He longed to love, give love, but the capital of his twisted soul, the love to become a possession, so he can not get true love.
What does it mean for Rosebud? People thought he was a lover’s name? Life experiences of something? Until the ski board was cast into the fire and the word “rosebud” the words appear slowly in the flame, then slowly being swallowed. The softest memerable things in his mind is the toy when childhood: ski.
This tycoon, has a wealth of extremely wealthy, has been the people’s support, also has been the envy of people love. But in the end, he discovered that he just wanted the innocence and happyniess in his childhood.

Public Enemies review

The film tells friends Tom and Mark in the context of real social experiences.  It’s monotonous and boring environment so that they have no choice to embark on a criminal way.  After servel frauds, they instigated by the host Nuoshi burglary. But things did not progress smoothly, Nuoshen leave his associates. Later, they wealth up by selling private liquor, but one day they had to kill the Nuoshi, and its causing a bloody internal struggle. During the struggle, Mark was shot to death, Tom was seriously injured and was taken to the hospital, and after that he was kidnapped and murdered opponents, and finally as tied as tied up, wrapped in his mother’s door.

After World of War I, the crime film in the United States flourished up during this period, the audience and artists generally are not optimistic about it. Many soldiers, property owners and housewives, factory employees want to return to previes peacetime economic situation. and it’s directly reflects the disillu-sionment of urban crime film in a dim colors, the film “Enemy of the People” is the concentrated expression of this phenomenon. James Kage Ni and Joan.